May 26


The Importance of A Fire Extinguisher Service

May 26, 2020

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Fire safety

Fire safety is a priority

Fires can cause a lot of damage, injuries, and they can be fatal. Having a fire extinguisher is very important for use when a fire occurs. It can stop the damage from occurring and it can be used to keep people as safe as possible. The fire extinguisher must work properly at all times. It should be checked periodically to make sure that every part of it is operable.

If it does work correctly, the good things that it can do may not work properly. As mentioned, fire extinguishers are one of the best ways to prevent the growth of a fire. They must be tested annually so that they are working properly. Here are things that need to be checked on fire extinguishers.

The Tags Are Important

A fire extinguisher will have tags. These tags are to let a person know when they were inspected the last time. These tags always need to be present. The information that the tags give is instrumental in making sure that the fire extinguisher will work well at any given time.

Hiring A Professional Fire Extinguisher Servicing Company

Trying to do your own fire extinguisher service is not a good idea. People do not know what they are looking for when it comes to servicing it. It must be checked in a variety of ways in order to pass the annual inspection. A professional in the field is something that should be looked into because they are experts at what they do. They are also available to answer questions about fire safety that are very important points to note. The professional will check for all of the pressure points to be right and for all the components to be working properly at all times.

All Inspections Need To Be Maintained

People need to be sure that the fire extinguisher is inspected once a year but this not all. A fire extinguisher is a complicated piece of equipment and it needs to also have inspection at a 6-year period. The 6-year type of inspection is when the technician will accomplish more things. They will take it apart and refill it. As part of the process, they will also pressurise it so that it will be able to be used during a fire. There is the 12-year inspection too. This is called a hydrotest. This is when the extinguisher is emptied and then it is refilled with water that is pressurised.

All buildings should have a fire safety plan 

Everyone in the building should be taught how to use the extinguisher in case of a fire. People should know how to get out of the building when there is a fire. Fires can burn rapidly and people need to be able to get out as soon as possible. This will help in keeping the people safe. Sprinkler systems also help to keep the fire contained. They will assist in keeping the fire from causing a lot of damage and spreading elsewhere in the building. With the different types of fire tips, people can be much safer if fires occur.

Taking the steps to service fire extinguishers needs to be completed. Lives can be saved in this manner. Fires are deadly and scary but with the great help of inventions like the fire extinguisher, these types of occurrences can be minimised. People should always be aware of their surroundings and how to get out if a fire occurs. They will want to know as much as possible about stopping fires in case they are in one.

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