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Why Your Businesses Needs Fire Protection

Fire safety

Of course, when your venturing into commercial real estate – and even as your portfolio grows – there are a plethora of urgent needs competing for both your attention and money besides fire protection. For many commercial property owners, paying too much attention or investing in fire protection can seem like an unnecessary luxury. Some would rather roll the dice and hope that a fire won’t ignite at their business property.

There are plenty of reasons why your business premises need fire protection. The increasing frequency of fires in office buildings put more commercial property at risk of fire outbreaks. Regardless of where your building is located, the risk of fire is real. So, ask yourself, can you afford to handle the aftermath of a fire in your building? What would happen if a fire was to ignite in your business premises? To make sure you aren’t taking any chances with fire protection, we’ve compiled a list of tips that cover everything you need for your fire protection plan.

Fire Risk Assessment

Before you start implementing your fire protection plan, book an appointment with a reputable fire solutions company for a thorough fire risk assessment. A fire risk assessment will help you recognize fire safety measures in place and any actions needed. The findings of a fire risk assessment must be recorded for regular review. Also, this must be revised if any rooms change or incase of renovations or expansion to ensure that the provisions you have in place are still up to date.

Fire Detection And Warning Alarms

The most efficient way to ensure the safety of your commercial building, it’s occupants, and its contents and slow the spread of fire is installing fire detection and warning alarm systems. These systems are necessary and should include:

  • Automatic fire detection
  • An indicator panel
  • An electric bell or siren

Evacuation Plan

Every business building has its unique evacuation requirements. A fire risk assessment helps you identify potential fire hazards and possible emergency exits and routes in the event of a fire. An evacuation plan should detail every element of the steps to take to get to safety in the event of a fire. Of course, the evacuation plan should be accessible to everyone, including visitors.


Just as it is crucial to get the best fire detection and warning systems, you must make sure that all installed fire detection and warning alarm systems and firefighting equipment are fully functional at all times. You must be confident that everything will work at any time and that fire alarms and firefighting equipment installed meet the needs of your premises.

Building Structure

In addition to implementing a fire protection plan, you can opt to protect your building and keep everyone and everything in it safe by installing fire doors for a quick and smooth escape. You can also choose to use fire-resistant walls and building materials to help prevent fire.

Get Expert Help Implementing Your Fire Protection Plan

At Arc Fire Solutions, we are dedicated to helping keep your building and merchandise safe from devastating fires. We cover the design, supply, installation, and maintenance of fire detection systems and firefighting equipment.

      CCTV Installation

CCTV Thermal camera advice on the products we install please visit our Installation page that give you insight as to the best cameras suitable for your requirements.

Design & Development

Our CCTV design team will be happy to design your CCTV project outlining the position of all cameras types and recording equipment within your building

Fire Solutions

Our team of fire experts are here to help you with the design of your new fire alarm systems and provide you with important information as to the local fire requirements for your business.

We use our experience to Protect Your Business

About Arc Vision  Fire Solutions
Arc Vision Fire Solutions offers various services designed to protect your home. These services Include Alarms, thermal cameras Fire Risk Assessments.

CCTV Installation:

We can install security cameras throughout your home and property so you can see the threat before it happens, and rest easy knowing someone's keeping an eye out.

Our approach

We Approach CCTV and Fire with your safety in mind

Prior to quoting you for our services we will carryout a full survey on your premisses taking into consideration the possible risks that may be available to an intruder as well as putting measures in place to prevent an intruder.

All our CCTV and fire surveys will be onsite assessing your building materials within you property such as types of doors walls cladding age of electrical appliances such as fuse boards and wiring. Ensuring your building is safe

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