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Why Your Business Needs CCTV

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Best CCTV Systems for Business 2020


CCTV systems have become a standard security feature for businesses. Many businesses, small and large alike, are installing CCTV in their premises to enhance protection of staff from security threats, secure their property from vandalism, and avoid theft of stock.

Why you should have  CCTV Cameras fitted in your business

Are you wondering if our CCTV systems are right for you? If yes, here are some of the benefits of using our CCTV equipment:

1. Our CCTV can deter crime.

 One of the risks that businesses face is the threat of criminals. They can vandalize your property, steal your stock, or even harm your employees hence the need to install our cameras. You can deter criminals and other illegal activities within your business by installing CCTV . The systems make it convenient for you to monitor everything that is taking place in your business.

2. The CCTV systems make it easy for you to monitor your employees.

 As a CCTV  provider, we have evidence indicating that monitoring your employees from wherever you are will ensure that you enhance their productivity. With CCTV, you get the opportunity to watch your employees from wherever you are and see the people who visit your premises when you leave. When workers know that you have installed CCTV, they will always do what is expected of them hence enhanced worker productivity.

3. Arc CCTV Solutions will help you collect evidence in case anything goes wrong.

Although business owners always expect their employees to adhere to the code of conduct, sometimes, things will just go wrong. After the theft of stock, property vandalism, or an attack on your employees, you can rely on CCTV to gather evidence and ensure you reach a logical conclusion for the crimes.

4. CCTV Recording equipment helps in decision-making.

For any business to prosper, its management must be able to make informed decisions on matters that affect it. Installing Arc CCTV solutions promotes accurate decision making, especially when dealing with disputes among employees. This is because the footage can be used to determine what led to the conflict. CCTV recording footage has proved essential to business managers when dealing with disputes between employees, between employees and customers, and disputes that involve several businesses.

5. It is the right way of keeping records

 Record keeping is vital for future reference. When issues arise in the future, you can use the footage recorded as a point of reference. CCTV packages come with large data storage disks that allow you to record everything that is taking place in your business for future reference. The files can be used to confirm deliveries, analyze the conduct of employees, and encourage good behavior among employees.


The above benefits are just but a tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of installing CCTV  in your business. By installing Arc CCTV, you can significantly improve the conduct of your employees. This is because the equipment allows you to monitor your employees' behaviors and offer evidence that you can use to address work-related conflicts. Get in touch with Arc CCTV systems, and we will help you install our security system at competitive prices.

      CCTV Installation

For CCTV advice on the products we install please visit our Installation page that give you insight as to the best cameras suitable for your requirements.

Design & Development

Our CCTV design team will be happy to design your CCTV project outlining the position of all cameras types and recording equipment within your building

Fire Solutions

Our team of fire experts are here to help you with the design of your new fire alarm systems and provide you with important information as to the local fire requirements for your business.

We use our experience to Protect Your Business

About Arc Vision CCTV and Fire Solutions
Arc Vision CCTV and Fire Solutions offers various services designed to protect your home. These services are: 

CCTV Installation: We can install security cameras throughout your home and property so you can see the threat before it happens, and rest easy knowing someone's keeping an eye out.

Our approach

We Approach CCTV and Fire with your safety in mind

Prior to quoting you for our services we will carryout a full survey on your premisses taking into consideration the possible risks that may be available to an intruder as well as putting measures in place to prevent an intruder.

All our fire surveys will be onsite assessing your building materials within you property such as types of doors walls cladding age of electrical appliances such as fuse boards and wiring. Ensuring your building is safe


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